So blogging about the current state of things can get one pretty down. There aren't a lot of laughs when you're researching rape statistics. So, needless to say, I needed a little laugh. Being a huge comedy nerd, who frequents Maude Night at the UCB more than a sane person ought to, I checked out a new (ish) video from UCB-er Sasheer Zamata. This. Is. One. Funny. Lady.

"He pulled his dick out like he was trying to sell me a CD or something!"


In an interesting take on the true story of getting flashed by some dude while walking home, Sasheer flips the story and tells it from the POV of the flasher fella. Remember that whole comedy-is-catharsis debate from a few weeks ago? This video is exactly that. 

I am tired of hearing that women aren't funny. Sasheer is hilarious and has an edgy voice that made this feminist laugh. So we want to know your thoughts. Funny? Offensive? Can feminists have a freaking sense of humor? Watch the video and then comment below!