It's Nelson Mandela's birthday! The anti-apartheid icon is turning 95. What better way to celebrate his message of peace and reconciliation than with a video tribute from BUST's favorite rapper, Jean Grae?


Jean's family is from South Africa, and she says Mandela and his message have had a massive influence on her life and work (especially on her long-awaited new project, Cake or Death). "The entire reason that we're here is through this spirit of freedom," she explains.

Watch Jean drop her pearls of Mandela wisdom here:




Take her advice - keep learning what you can about Mandela's extraordinary life, especially on special days like today. Following in his (and her) example, put that education to use and spread your knowledge around. “Don’t just keep it to yourself.”

And catch Jean Grae in person, one week from today, at BUST's 20th Anniversary Extravaganza! Peek at the jam-packed party lineup here, and get your tickets before they're gone.

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