Today's BUST: Cute Animals Edition brings you the inimitable Bubba and Gigi, a couple of sweet French bulldogs who share a sublime romance.


I know. I’m totally trying to get adopted, too.

Tell us, what’s your secret? ...What’s that? Communication and honesty?


Their snuggly friend, Burt the Pug, totally wants in on this relationship too.


Gigi was recently pregnant, like – all I can do is lie here and hope I don’t burst I am SO preggers – and instead of overcrowding his ladylove, or making her uncomfortable in any way, Bubba just stayed by her side until the baby-having time came.


Gigi: After this is all over, Bubba, you better know I'm gonna be big spoon again.


He cuddles Gigi on her side with just one little paw on her abdomen, protective yet calming, giving her the necessary space to breathe. 

Gigi has since given birth to two precious pups – get ready to squee!


New Fall Issue d217c

I died. Was reborn. Only to die again. Their NOSES!


Look at these little babies, napping and eating and being INSANELY ADORABLE. 


Om nom


Not to forget snuggle-cuddling with their tired parents. All in a day’s work!


Bubba's not pictured, so we can only imagine he's planning some TLC for Gigi later on to ease her postpartum exhaustion. 

Bubba, Gigi, and their babies are a modern family (dog version) who show us that supportive relationships are always the best. Our hearts are so warmed!


Source: Death and Taxes Mag.

Photos via Death and Taxes Mag, Reddit.

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