When Elizabeth Mort had her newborn taken and put into foster care for five days, you'd think she'd done something horribly illicit in her short tenure as a mother. Was she a puppy killer? A drug lord? No, she had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast.


 And no, I’m not kidding.

Mort had eaten a poppy-seed bagel hours before giving birth, and with poppy seeds being the routes of drugs such as heroin and morphine, Mort ended up testing positive for opiates. How very Seinfeldian.



Baby and Mama Mort live in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. (holla Pride flag!)

Today, justice is on the menu. It'hree years later, Mort has receive a $143, 500 payout for the mix-up. In addition to that, post-birth drug tests are now going to be determined by a test of the baby's first bowel movement rather than the mother’s urine sample. Woo!

BUST would like to congratulate Ms. Mort on her big win. That should pay for approximately one year of college tuition by the time Baby Mort is off to school.

Thanks to Freep.com.

Images via La BoulangerieWtae.com

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