Even the trolls can't be bothered with this week! Though the court took a step back with a troublesome ruling on the Voting Rights Act, it can't be denied that finding the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional was a great step forward for Americans this week.


Though many people lashed out at the ruling, including some of the Supreme Court judges (Scalia...ugh), the pure joy, excitement, and happiness of millions of Americans, of all sexualities, could not be dampened. 

We've complied some of our favorite reactions to the ruling - to remind you that there are good people in the world, and that there are plenty of alternatives to any racist, ignorant comments popping up on your Facebook newsfeed.






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On a scale of puppies to Nutella, how happy were you when you heard the verdict? What were some of your favorite reactions/signs/videos/proposals?

Photos via Buzzfeed.com, Twitter.com.


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