STREAM: Aisha Burns’ Dreamy New Track Will Soothe Your Tuesday Blues - BUST

Here at BUST HQ, it’s rainy, gloomy, humid, and just generally disgusting outside. It’s days like these that are perfect for watching the grossness from your window while you sit back and enjoy the sweet, soothing sounds of multi-instrumentalist Aisha Burns. Former violinist for folk ensemble Balmorhea, the Austin-based singer-songwriter has moved on to compose an album of her own and we can see why. She sang in secret for years, which you’ll realize is a total crime when you listen to “Sold.” The minimalist track showcases Burns’ classical training, eerily gorgeous voice, and her affinity for just plain sad songs. (To the latter, I can more than relate.) Haunting in the vein of Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow but with the Americana roots of Gillian Welch, Burns crafts a dreamy musical style of her own dripping with beautifully intricate arrangements. Listen to “Sold” below for a taste test of her album Life in the Midwater off Western Vinyl due out September 17th.


You can pre-order Life in the Midwater from Western Vinyl here!

Photos via Western Vinyl