The Adipositivity Project wants to "widen definitions of physical beauty - literally."


It was made to push through all the bullshit fat-hate and prove that big bodies can be strong, confident, and really really beautiful. A collection of professionally-snapped pics, Adipositivity showcases full-figured bodies in all their glory. Round, soft, strong, and naked.

Not every picture is a nudie, but there's enough boob in this post to warrant a lil' NSFW warning.

Warning: Very naked bodies ahead. Also, fly style. 


Adipositivity's subjects have the kinds of bodies we rarely see onscreen (or in certain mainstream stores), even though so many of us see them in our mirrors, in our relationships, and out in the world.

The rad photographer behind this project is Substantia Jones, a self-proclaimed “uppity fatty” working in New York City. She hopes that Adipositivity inspires people to love and accept the fat bodies in their lives, or at least respect them a hell of a lot more.



Teachers, mothers, executives, musicians, activists, clerks, and writers are just a few who bared their booties for Substantia’s lens. “They are perhaps even the women you've clucked at on the subway, rolled your eyes at in the market, or joked about with your friends,” she writes. “This is what they look like with their clothes off.”

Take a peek:



New Fall Issue d217c






A lot of Adipositivity photos are close-up shots, or pictures where the models' faces aren't showing. Substantia says this is to make it easier for us to put ourselves in their skin, leaving the subjects' identities open to our imaginations. In her words, this can “coax observers into imagining they're looking at the fat women in their own lives.” What a neat idea.




See the rest of them in Adipositivity's huge gallery, or visit its little shop to get some fat-positive messages (or your favourite steamy pictures) emblazoned on some swag. You can even hit up Substantia's Twitter for a steady dose of body love.

The more eyes that see Adipositivity's work, the more folks appreciate the shapes and shadows these beautiful bodies make, the closer we are to eliminating fat-phobia from our communities. Let's do it.


This post was published on June 16, 2013 

Photos republished with thanks to Adipositivity.

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