Want to keep rape fantasies off the radio? Don't tell Tyler, the Creator, unless you're ready to be called a "fucking whore dyke."

That's the message he's broadcasting to the world lately. After an Australian woman named Talitha Stone criticized the rapper for rhyming about his hateful, necrophilia-inspired rape fantasies, Tyler and a slew of his fans verbally attacked and threatened her.

Tyler then called her out during an (all-ages!) performance saying, “Fucking bitch, I wish she could hear me call her a bitch, too, fucking whore. Yeah, I got a sold-out show right now bitch. Hey this fucking song is dedicated to you, you fucking cunt… get some messed up STDs.” 

After these rants, Talitha brought the case to the police, which did not help her get any type of justice, despite the fact that under the Commonwealth Criminal Code, it is considered illegal to direct a threat at anybody through a carriage service. Apparently the threats made against Talitha weren’t important enough because the abuse of women is merely entertainment.

The American-born rapper, Tyler, the Creator, is famously known for writing songs about raping women. His fantasy is played out in his video, “She”, featuring Frank Ocean, in which Tyler dresses in a hoodie with a ski mask covering his face with only holes for the eyes and mouth. He sneaks into a woman’s room while she is sleeping, picks up a fistful of panties and sniffs them right before he leaves a message on her mirror.

Whatever saving grace there is in this song (the fact that he claims to love this girl, perhapsssss?) is trumped by Tyler’s lyrics:

“Gorgeous, baby you’re gorgeous/I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest/And fornicate with it but that’s because I’m in love with/You…Cunt” 

“I just wanna talk and conversate/Cause I usually just stalk you and masturbate”

These words are horrific and should not be an acceptable way to talk about women, let alone get airplay and glorification.

This is disgusting and harmful to women and girls because it makes violence toward women acceptable—fantasy or not. Talitha is right. Some people just need “educating on misogyny.”

Source: The Guardian.

Photos via MTV and The Guardian.


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