Several Christian institutions have notoriously severe punishments for sexual activity, but none seem quite as cruel as the case of San Diego Christian College employee Teri James. After the school discovered she was pregnant with a co-worker's child, they not only fired her, but offered her partner a job. The school claims they fired James for the act of premarital sex, but they were well aware that her now-husband Brandon James was the father when they contacted him.

Teri James is rightfully suing the school with the help of attorney Gloria Allred, who underlines the school's place in state law. "San Diego Christian a business registered with the California Secretary of State," Allred said. "As such it is governed by the California Constitution and laws of California...contend that it is not permitted to terminate an employee because the college thinks that pre-marital sex leading to pregnancy is wrong.”


Though it's not uncommon for Christian schools to fire unwed mothers, SDCC's hypocritical attempt to hire James' husband makes this an especially revealing occasion. The circumstances of James' dismissal highlight our culture's continued demonization of sexual women, so this case deserves a lot of attention.

Photo via Zoe Carter.