When most people are asked, “What is your favorite superhero?” most all people choose a male superhero such as Spiderman or Batman.  Rarely is the answer a female superhero, although there are many.  Wonder Woman is first female superhero to come to people’s minds and is considered by many to be a feminist icon.  We know that TV’s talk show host Wendy Williams feels inspired by Wonder Woman when she sips on her Wonder Woman mug on her show every morning. There has been more focus of female superheroes lately, such as Marvel comics debuting a new X-Men series featuring an all female team in April 2013 written by Brian Wood (Mara, New York Four, New York Five).  Some of the best Marvel characters ever are on this team like Storm, Rouge, and Kitty Pryde.  I know everyone will be happy that Storm is rocking the mohawk again.




Released in 2012, the film was directed by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and features celebs like Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Gloria Steinem, and BUST fave Kathleen Hanna-- as well as many comic writers and illustrators. The ladies in the doc talk about the challenges that women had to overcome in the comics industry (and in society at large), and the film looks to be insightful and educational. I'm definitely going to make it out a screening when it comes to New York for the upcoming Athena Film Festival. Here's a list of the places screening the film in 2013. Find which place closest to you and check it out for yourself!




Images via: wonderwomendoc.com

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