Blogger Amy Bursch frequently writes about female contraception and the politics surrounding it. Although she does a lot to promote female contraception, she also “…keeps an eye on what the other side is up to, crazy videos included.” And as far as crazy videos go, this one is pretty fricken crazy.



Pro-life organization “Come Unity in Truth” recently released a video titled “You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception.” A more accurate title would have been “You Deserve to Sit Still While I Tell You Sexist Lies for 15 Minutes Straight and Call it Science.”



 I don’t know whether it’s the plinky sad piano soundtrack in the beginning, or the “concern” in the female narrator’s voice, or maybe the stock photo pictures of women acting in a “degrading” manner (Note: drinking wine or wearing lipstick and heels is now considered “degrading” to our femininity), but this video sucks. Not only does it suck, but it’s factually incorrect on so many levels. Some of its more ridiculous “scientific” claims are that birth control blocks pheromones, making women less desirable to men, which then causes women who use birth control to wear revealing clothing to get male attention.  Birth control also confuses men because of the lack of female pheromones, causing them to become homosexuals. Also, 7-12 million babies are killed by the pill every year, since apparently the pill makes a woman miscarry. (This makes no sense because the pill prevents pregnancy, but you know, whatever.)

Just so you don’t have to watch it in its entirety, Bursh has picked apart and analyzed the video, supplying fact where there were, um, lies. Read her full article here. And if you're missing something to be angry about in your life, watch the video below.


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