Just when you thought Martha Plimpton couldn't get any cooler, she up and does just that. Last night she announced on Twitter that she had  released a video for the  women's rights group she recently launched, A is For. In it, she explains the why she started the org--which is basically that things kinda suck for women here and around the world, and they are getting sucker. Plimpton wants to help make things better, and her Org has an interesting rallying cry.

Anyone who has ever read The Scarlet Letter (or, you know, has seen that awful Demi Moore film version) knows a red letter “A” represents shame. However, A is For is challenging the traditional meaning of the scarlet letter and urging women—and the men who support their rights—to wear the A with pride.



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For $5 (all of which goes to the Center for Reproductive Rights), you can receive an A is For ribbon. But there are other ways to get involved.  In the video posted below, Plimpton  urges women to create a video explaining what their “A” means to them. The site also has t-shirts available in numerous different styles and sizes. Aside from purchasing the letter “A,” be sure to bookmark the “A is For” blog, which will keep you updated on all the news they’re doing. 

Talk about raising hope! Martha: As far as we're concerned, "A" is for Awesome!


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