When they tell you to dream big, I don’t think they meant boycott the Internet. Because let’s get real: with more than 100 companies under its umbrella, Google has quite the monopoly over the World Wide Web.

Not that appeals to reason ever swayed the American Family Association (AFA), a "Christian" group that is currently busy mulling over a Google boycott. So what exactly did the behemoth do to deserve such ire from the far right?


Well, earlier this month, it launched a campaign called “Legalize Love.” According to LGBTQNation.com, the global operation has already hit Singapore and Poland in an attempt to combat homophobia and the persecution (and in some cases, prosecution) of gays and lesbians.


When you’re a Southern Poverty Law Center-identified hate group, however, the idea of LGBT people not being shamed or thrown into prison just doesn’t sit well with you. Especially when you can’t even mollify your senseless anger with the chocolatey goodness that is the Oreo cookie (yes, they're boycotting that, too). The company, which celebrated Pride Month with a rainbow cookie post, happens to be owned by Kraft, which in turn owns other delicious things like Welch’s, Sour Patch, and Wheat Thins. I'm depressed for the AFA.

Now, I’m all for hitting the Farmer’s Market, but at this point the AFA might need to seriously consider whisking its members off into the deep forest. I mean, when your leader is absolutely convinced that the Department of Homeland Security is going to kill us all, it’s time to leave society…or Earth. Whichever.

But before they pack, would someone kindly tell them to that their YouTube account is owned by Google aka Satan aka the number one website in the world? And be sure to send them one of these videos for me. Don't forget to find their e-mail address through Google!

Image courtesy of The New Civil Rights Movement.