Black Girl Dangerous, a blog for queer-identified women of color to showcase their artistic abilities, express themselves, educate one another, and weave a web of community, is an amazing step forward. Centered in activism, the blog encourages women of color to explore their wilder side through writing and creativity and to "shout it out!"


The blog is a constant on my reading list and resonates body and sex positivity. The prose that is normally posted on the blog is sincere, honest and heartfelt.  It considers a point of view many could stand to be educated about. Based out of the bay area, the folks who are running the site wanted their experiences to be amplified and to create a voice where one was once lacking. From these ideals, they decided to form  a workshop to help radical, queer, trans, and gender-non-conforming writers of color find their balance in the literary world and to perfect their skills in a positive environment, offering support so their abilities can flourish. Organizations like this are what keep the revolutionary cogs turning in this country, without that where would we be? 

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Image courtesy of Black Girl Dangerous on Vimeo

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