As of a year ago yesterday, the internet has been invaded with live streams of cute animals, rants and raves on seemingly everything on TV and the silver screen ever, and a lot of baller nail art. This sparkly invasion is brought to you by the infectious laughter of HelloGiggles, an online community pitched as "the female alternative to funny or die," created by the Queen of all things Adorable herself Zooey Deschanel with friends Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer.

McAleer and Rossi met through their online network of hilarious bloggers, and then Rossi met Deschanel in aerobics class at the gym. They felt that the internet needed a place for positive humor geared more towards the feminine. Instead, the website ended up as more of a storytelling community and a network to find these talented females, but that seems pretty okay with them.

"We're feminine feminists" says the trio in the video posted on their site to commemorate the birthday. Deschanel particularly felt that women's media was too much about fashion and beauty and not enough about substance, stating that the beauty they represent on their site is more about "how you express yourself." Finally, she insists that people stop calling what they do "girl comedy" because it "makes it sound like a fad." Instead, Deschanel feels that funny females have always and will always be around, and what they're doing is simply bringing that to light. Amen to that. 


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