It wasn’t enough for us to be pregnant all the time in Arizona. Now, we can’t get birth control in Kansas. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback just signed a bill into law that allows pharmacists and doctors to deny women contraception. Even more, the Heath Care Rights of Conscience Act allows them to do so on religious grounds, as long as they believe the birth control might “result in the terminating of a pregnancy.”

So, basically, any woman could walk into a pharmacy and be denied the birth control she was prescribed. The bill doesn’t even obligate doctors and pharmacists to provide another source for women to get the birth control they deserve.


This new law is just one more step towards a ban on abortion and contraception entirely in the state of Kansas. It’s a total violation of privacy, and it's clear that a law banning the prescription of any other drug wouldn't fly. Many believe the law could lead to an onslaught of expensive lawsuits levied against pharmacists and doctors.

These kinds of laws violate our rights, cost the state money, and endanger the lives of women. Come on, Kansas, use some common sense!