There’s a new blog that has us in stitches, and you need to check it out if you wanna get your daily laugh on. The Tumblr “Is This Feminist?” features what stock photos of women doing regular things-- laundry, science experiments, eating salad-- and asks the burning question of each: is this feminist?

The blog votes every photo as either "representing feminism" or "problematic." One problematic candidate is the woman below doing laundry. Is this feminist? Hells no. “As much as we admire the expression of real and legitimate anger, stemming from an unequal and sexist burden of housework based upon normative gender roles, we still can’t endorse just shoving the camera guy into the machine.” True that. Violence, especially of the laundry room kind, is most definitely not feminist.


The only woman who seems to be reppin’ feminism is the below one, seen texting. Maybe she's writing her professor a treatise on the male gaze?

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