The War on Women is HILARIOUS, right? Taking away women's access to affordable birth control, slinging 'slut' like there's no tomorrow, insisting that all this legislation about our ladybits is what we want. I nearly fall off my chair laughing about this stuff!

Okay, real talk, this is not a laughing matter. The political climate in this country continues to terrify us, and giggles are quite possibly the furthest reaction from our minds. Until watching this video, that is.


Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage star in this Funny or Die exclusive, beautifully titled, "Republicans, Get in My Vagina!" The video shows just how ridiculous the idea of government involvement in women's health care really is. A mock political campaign, "Get in My Vagina!" will make you laugh and then, maybe, make you cry when you realize some women actually believe the right to choose is not a right at all.

"I don't want government in my banks. I don't want government in my classrooms. Where do I want government? In my vagina! Way, way deep, up, up in my vagina!"





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