I love that feeling when two of your favorite things are suddenly merged into one beautiful internet meme (Arrested Westeros anyone?), so I was thrilled to find out about Feminist Harry Potter, a Tumblr that’s in the business of “feminist theory consciousness raising, one Harry Potter reference at a time.”

One of the things that makes Harry Potter so much fun is the variety of female characters that are integral to the storylines. While the blog obviously comes from a place of love, the creator offers as much criticism as praise. From the portrayal of Molly Weasley as a tough, capable mother, to the more unfortunate depiction of Rita Skeeter as an unscrupulous gossip, the blog deconstructs serious issues in a completely fun, lighthearted way. And c’mon, we all know that Harry and Ron would still be stuck back in Remedial Charms trying to master Wingardium Leviosa if Hermione hadn’t stepped in.


In case you are somehow still not convinced, the blog’s creator, Krystie Yandoli wrote up seven reasons to check it out. As she notes, “You can't find bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, and Hermione Granger all in one place anywhere else.”

Image: feministharrypotter.tumblr.com