We reminded you last Friday that International Anti-Street Harassment Week is this week. Hope you're all fighting back in whatever way suits you best: blogging, a well-placed status update, or speaking out on the streets in safe and responsible ways. Permanent Wave, the rad feminist collective of artists and activists based in Brooklyn, shared this video in honor of the Stop Street Harassment campaign on their Tumblr:


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P4eVjwVd_U&feature=player_embedded 425x344]

While the S**t Whoever Says meme is (thankfully) on its way out, what is interesting about this video's approach is that it puts the responsibility to end street harassment on men, rather than the all too common victim-blaming approach that shames women for wearing the wrong clothes, walking with the wrong swagger in their hips, or being in the wrong part of town. This video, starring men talking to men, rightly places the blame on who deserves it: the perpetrators, not victims, of street harassment.  


"Has that ever really worked for you?" 
"I don't care if you think she's hot, that's not okay."
"Misogyny... super sexy." 

So ladies, share this video with the men in your lives and remind them that it's not a compliment. It's street harassment, and it's not okay.


Image source YouTube