I'm no Little Monster, but I do love Lady Gaga--almost as much as I love feminist history. The ladies at Soomo Publishing must have known that when they released this spoof of "Bad Romance," starring an actress playing legendary feminist Alice Paul. She implores the United States government to give women the vote while wearing a getup that combines her era's fashion with a very Gaga-esque full-face lace mask.

The slickly produced video has "Bad Romance"-inspired visuals and lyrics that made me giggle: "Oh oh oh oh/I want to wear pants!/Caught in a Bad Romance/I want my suffrage!"


Whether you need to brush up on your feminist history, or are looking for an educational laugh, you should definitely check out the video:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYQhRCs9IHM&feature=share 425x344]

Image Credit: Soomo Publishing