We all hopefully know men who don't think they have the right to make decisions for us (reproductive or otherwise). Some of us even know men brave enough to call themselves feminists. But these men aren't the ones in the news. Women are speaking out against the injustices of having male politicians decide what's right for their bodies; but we're not beyond calling for the help of men who also believe that we have the right to make our own decisions. That's why Chloe Angyal of Feministing started the Tumblr Men Who Trust Women.


For too long, it's been women vs. (generally) old, conservative, anti-choice, white male politicians. What about the rest of the male population? The blog is dedicated to the stories of those pro-choice men in America: it's time for them to be part of the dialogue. So pass the Tumblr link along to your boyfriend, your brother, your father, your friends, and encourage them to submit their stories or opinions; because as Angyal writes, "Men who trust women are a group that is ever-growing, but largely invisible. It’s time to end that invisibility."


(photo via Men Who Trust Women)

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