Recently Virginia lawmakers threw their hat in the race for Worst State to be a Woman In when they introduced anti-choice legislation. People across the state responded on Monday, February 20th, when over 1,200 people gathered on the Capitol grounds in silent protest. Despite that message, this week the House of Delegates passed SB 484, legislation which will force women seeking an abortion to undergo an expensive and medically unnecessary (not to mention invasive) ultrasound. Now more damaging legislation is making its way through the Senate including HB1, the so-called personhood bill which will grant rights to unborn fetuses, essentially outlawing abortions, and HB 62, which will take away funding for certain abortions for women who meet the financial eligibility criteria for medical assistance. All of these bills are dangerous and oppressive. It seems like the anti-choice lawmakers are putting their own politics before the will of their people. 



There will be a rally at noon this Saturday, March 3rd for Virginians and their supporters to march on the Capitol once more and stand in front of the Governor's Mansion demanding that he veto these anti-choice bills. If you're interested in attending, visit the event page on Facebook for more information. 

Image source Progress Women