Here's a bad idea from Texas, the state that has been bumming us out hardcore lately:

There should be a law that all women considering abortions in the state of Texas must have sonograms performed on them to view fetal images, hear fetal heartbeats, and have fetal features described to their doctors...out loud


You and I are probably thinking, isn't this idea fucking unconstitutional?

Well, not according to an appeals court in Texas. They have forced the sonogram law into a reality for women, explaining that the forced disclosures  are "the epitome of truthful, non-misleading information." Members of the court added that they would like for Judge Sam Sparks, the man fighting to keep the sonograms off women's bodies, to follow their rulings on the subject. 

 Judge Sparks has been a supporter of reproductive rights,  and of lawsuits from The Center for Reproductive Rights, on behalf of Texas doctors, to block the required sonograms  permanently. Sparks was also steadfastly against the re-victimizing of sexual assault victims by demanding that the law not be applicable to them.


Sparks wrote of this most recent ruling,

There can be little doubt (the law) is an attempt to discourage women from exercising their constitutional rights by making it more difficult for caring and competent physicians to perform abortions...It appears (the appeals court) has effectively eviscerated the protections of the First Amendment in the abortion context.

Though this has been a loss in the fight for reproductive rights in the United States, The Center for Reproductive Rights will continue to appeal for a stop to this sonogram mess. I really hope they win. 

This crazy law just gets me thinking-- when will this culture learn to trust women and their rights over their bodies? 

You can read  how Fox is reporting the story here.

Image Credit: Ms. Magazine

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