No woman wants someone telling her what her vagina should look. That’s why the activist group UK Feminista and performance art group the Muffia—known for wearing nude bodysuits decorated with tufts of pubic hair—are taking to the London Streets tomorrow morning.


These women are tired of the porn industry promoting the removal of pubic hair. Let’s just say, bald isn’t always beautiful. These ladies are also railing against the rise in women looking for designer vaginas. To achieve the "perfect" shape and size, women are having surgeries like labiaplasty (the trimming or removing of the labia) and vaginal rejuvenation, which is meant to tighten and restore the vajayjay.

Last year, London's Harley Medical Group met with more than 5,000 women looking into cosmetic gynecology, with 65% of them asking about labial reduction. The rest were interested in knowing more about tightening and reshaping their ladyparts. In the U.S., these surgeries are also becoming big business—in 2009, women spent an estimated $6.8 million on the procedures.


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Image credit: Anna Gordon