The 2012 Presidential election is just around the corner and Michelle wants all the ladies to get involved. She recently announced Women For Obama, a new fundraising group that looks to reengage the women who are still hoping a change is gonna come.


In an email The First Lady sent to supporters, she says her husband understands women’s issues “because he lived them.”

“Barack knows what it means when a family struggles,” she writes. “He knows what it means when someone doesn't have a chance to fulfill their potential. And today, as a father, he knows what it means to want your daughters to grow up with no limits on their dreams.”

Obama has always touted the women who raised him from his mother to his grandmother. Both of whom struggled to give him the best life possible. Having Michelle by his side also sent the message that Obama appreciates a powerful woman and American women took note.

In the last Presidential election women made up 53 percent of the voting population and voted 56 to 46 percent for Obama. In the 2008 election, Obama also earned tremendous support from unmarried women—which includes single, separated, divorced, or widowed women. This often overlooked demographic ended up voting 70 percent for Obama and only 29 percent for John McCain.

The first bill the President signed when elected to office was an equal pay bill. He also created the White House Council on Women and Girls, in hopes “to ensure that American women and girls are treated fairly in all matters of public policy.” But there is still so much more to be done. That’s why the Obama For Women website is looking to be a forum for those ladies with something to say.

 So what are some of the issues you would like to see Obama and the other candidates focus on in their upcoming campaigns?


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Watch The First Lady talk about Women For Obama in New York City.

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