Ever since the publication of ‘Skinny Bitch’, it seems to me like this crazy new fad diet called ‘veganism’ has been popping up all over the mainstream media,* from strip clubs to punk rock cooking shows to the exploding going green movement to America's Sweetheart Oprah to even (cue suspenseful music) feminism!
With all the good press veganism has gotten lately, much of the bad press is fading into the background, such as veganism being a mask for eating disorders and everyones favorite, child abusing vegans.  But what's the hype with veganism in the first place? Like with all my moral quandries, I consulted Wikipedia. Story seemed to check out there and was surprisingly unbiased. My wikipal then it led me to this site
which not only made veganism look doable, but also like I wouldn't have  to wear hemp or just eat bland sponges. I can save the planet, I can help other oppressed creatures, and I can eventually fit into a bikini! And all I have to do is give up nachos. Ah. I'll miss you, guys. I'll miss you.



- Jen the intern  

*edited to make this clear!  

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