As a feminist today, there is a nostalgic longing for the consciousness-raising groups of the 1970s. Emily Nussbaum’s article in New York Magazine, "Rebirth of the Feminism Manifesto,"  dares to question if consciousness-raising groups of the second wave have been transformed to the blogospheres of the third. Nussbaum uses Shelby Knox’s comments as evidence of this transformation: "blogs and social networks 'Are our version of consciousness-raising groups,' says Shelby Knox, 25. 'Places where we realize we are not crazy and not alone.” Blogs such as Feministing, Racialicous, and Jezabel are just a few examples the article mentions of contributing members to the feminist blogosphere, and we like to think we do our part here on as well. This article does a fantastic job of expressing the importance of communication, while voicing the versatility and power of women--highly recommended reading. 


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