An upstate New York teen is getting her fifteen minutes of fame in a positive, woman- empowering way. Lexi Peters made  history when she became the first lady of video games in National Hockey League. Frustrated with the lack of female options when playing her video games, she decided to do something about it. Her father encouraged her to write a letter to the company to explain her conondrum. She proceeded to write to the CEO of EA Sports, the creators of the video games NHL 10 and 11. The corporation explained that they would have to get in touch with the NHL about the issue and "it just wouldn't work out." 

Months passed when Lexi unexpectedly heard from David Littman, one of the game's producers. He explained that they would be featuring a female option to chose from, one who looks strikingly like the high school freshman. Lexi says she feels that female gamers can now play a game with a player that looks like them.

Talk about taking a stand!