Today is a day to celebrate Mexican heritage, and pride. So when you're swigging down tequila and Tecate remember what you're imbibing for!


Take for example, a woman I greatly admire, Frida Kahlo. This senorita had it going on. She was a radical woman, who's amazing self portraits touched on deeply personal experiences. Frida painted about her marriage, her miscarriages, her painful surgeries and health problems. Her work is celebrated by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.

Frida has been described as "One of history's grand divas… a tequila-slamming, dirty joke-telling smoker, bi-sexual that hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw festive dinner parties for the likes of Leon Trotsky, poet Pablo Neruda, Nelson Rockefeller, and her on-again, off-again husband, muralist Diego Rivera."

She was strongly inspired by indigenous Mexican culture, and it showed with her use of vivid colors and blatant symbolism. She led a wild life, had a terrible temper, and is famous for having many affairs with both men and women. She even had an affair with Josephine Baker! (Who wrote a song for Frida called "Where'd you get that great big eyebrow?")


She's a real inspiration for women everywhere.


Also, here's a great song, by the famous Mexican singer Jorge Negrete that my Tío Kique likes to sing when he's had one too many cervezas.

[video: 425x344]

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