Are you a slut? What do you think constitutes a woman as such? Is it what she wears? Is it how she carries herself? Does it justify rape? The fact of the matter is, nothing justifies rape. Nothing justifies excuses for sexual assault. Nothing justifies blame to be placed on those who are victimized. In Toronto, back in January a “slut march” was held in reaction to comments made by a Toronto Police Department officer in regards to student safety. 

  The officer stated that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized". Apparently, the Toronto slutwalk has set off a reactionary organization of many other similar or "satellite" walks all over the world, of people who are tired of being judged and tired of excuses for harsh words and sexual assault. Women and men are banding together to fight perpetuations of negativity with harmful words by fighting back. Being sexually assaulted is in no way the victims "fault" and mentioning such things is only an excuse to try and rationalize such behavior, which is completely inexcusable. If you want to get involved,volunteer, participate or find out if a slutwalk will be in your city contact the organization via website.