According to an article in the Wall Street Journal's The Juggle blog this morning, the pay gap affects all kinds of ladies, including those who are highly skilled in saving lives. The Juggle reports that a new study published in the February issue of Health Affairs finds that newly-trained women doctors are paid way lower salaries--we're talking $17,000 lower--than their male counterparts. 

Even more depressingly, the pay gap isn't getting any smaller--instead, it's getting bigger! In 1999 the gap was just $3600, but in 2008 it was $16,819! 


What can we do to fix this? I'm not even out in the real world with a real job yet and it already looks like I'm going to be at a major disadvantage from the start. Are there fields that don't have a pay gap? Have you personally been affected by the pay gap? Sound off in the comments and we'll all commiserate together.


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