This weekend I went to a refresher breast exam workshop. A woman with actual medical credentials took out her breasts and demonstrated the correct way to exam them. I was taught this when I was in high school, but to my surprise, after being in this workshop, I realized I’ve been doing it all wrong. Maybe it was because this time I was shown on an actual person, not on an inanimate object. I realized in this workshop (which was part of the Quorum Forum which I blogged about earlier) that there’s lots of misconceptions about breast cancer and other things that ail the female body. Some doctors are actually starting to recommend that women shouldn’t be doing their own breast exams because it panics them unnecessarily. All this information is quite confusing, and going on my experience this weekend, I feel like the best way to go about receiving solid information is by being shown by a real live person who knows what they are talking about. Breast cancer survivor, Pam Murphy mixes comedy with her tragic story in her comedy show, The C Word. The show was named best solo show in 2010 by Time OUT NY, among other rave reviews. If you want to see a heartfelt and funny tale of a strong woman, go see The C Word. It’s playing this Friday at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre at 7:30.