The engagement of Britain’s Prince William to Catherine Middleton was announced this morning by royal officials. This engagement is one that has been long anticipated by spectators, the royal family, and William himself. Waiting William (as he’s known around BUST HQ) first met Catherine Middleton 8 years ago when they were both in school at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland. The couple has had an on again and off again relationship ever since, leading many American and British media hubs to give Catherine the obnoxious and sexist nickname “Waity Katie,” implying she has been doing nothing for the past eight years except sitting with her British thumb up her ass waiting desperately for the balding prince to ask her to be his one and only. In reality the couple decided long ago that they didn’t want to rush into marriage because they both had interests they wanted to focus their lives on first. Oh the thought! A woman wants to have her own life! After they were done in school (which the prince only finished because Catherine convinced him not to drop out), Prince William joined the Royal Air Force as a search-and-rescue pilot while Catherine worked with her parents at their family (multi-million dollar online party supply) business, giving her the opportunity to participate in numerous charities and organizations. Despite the constant and unfair scrutiny and cruelty Catherine has endured from the paparazzi and press, which will probably continue for the rest of her life, she finally accepted the prince’s proposal in October while they were on vacation in Kenya. The Queen and Prince Charles are both “delighted” about the engagement so the tabloids should just back off and let Waiting Willie finally put a ring (Princess Di’s btw) on it.





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