HelenYou know who doesn't need eye of newt,  ghoulish eyeballs or a big black cauldron to cast a spell on the silver screen? If you answered Helen Mirren, you are right as rain. 
Check out this teaser of a trailer starring  our very first cover dame. The lovely Mrs. Mirren shines as the female rendition of Prospero, in Julie Taymor's interpretation of Shakespeare's final masterpiece,The Tempest. 
This flick emerges stuffed to the gills with juicy romance, humor, deceit and enough super natural activity to shake a wand at. Presenting herself as a modern day theatrical wonder women, Helen dedicated her role as Prospera to all women who have suffered  because of their gender.
Helen declared at the Venice Film Festival, "Women have been punished for being powerful for many centuries and I thought that was the remarkable thing about making Prospero into Prospera. You can bring in that history of female struggle. We can see now in the extreme fundamentalist states, whatever religion they are, that they want to exclude women from education." 
[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2qAqlySHI 425x344]

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