So it seems that Sarah Palin has her "Mama Grizzlies" all riled up. I've really tried as of late to just tune her out because if I don't, my blood tends to boil and my eyes get blurry and I can't think or speak clearly or intelligently. Which is why I say thank heavens for the blog, or else I'd actually have to think before I spoke as opposed to easily reading over what I type.

In any case, not sure if you have seen this, but here is the "Mama Grizzlies" video that's circulating through the interwebs.

[video: 425x344]


I love the way she generalizes moms. It's pretty sweet.


EMILY's List, a group dedicated to getting pro-choice women elected, have a little something to say for themselves.

[video:! 425x344]

This video stems out of their new campaign You can head to the website and sign their pledge to vote this fall, and/or check out the full site for EMILY's List. (Yes, I understand that at this time neither of these links are working...they are correct, I promise, but the sites seem to be down. PLEASE save them and check back at another time!)

Also, if you're interested you can check out the actual SarahPac website here (where they keep strangely calling her Governor even though she peaced), figure out the answers to some FAQs here, or potentially ask questions of your own to any of the addresses here. Or just make your voice heard.

[image: Ms. Magazine]