I admit it; I don’t know jack about Juggalos. What I do know is that Juggalos + tiny Tila Tequila…probably not a good idea. This is evidenced by the fact that at a recent “Gathering of the Juggalos,” Tequila was all-out attacked by the audience. Apparently these geniuses at this show decided that it was a brilliant idea to throw rocks, beer bottles, firecrackers, urine, feces and who knows what else at the teeny reality star who, according to some random witness being quoted everywhere, “didn’t know how to [handle] the crowd…she took her top off and they got really violent.”

The whole order of events seems somewhat fuzzy now…perhaps as fuzzy or fuzzier than these videos, in which I can only really make out Tila’s sing-rapping, her shouts of, “I ain’t goin’ nowhere!,” her telling them “I love y’all, but I don’t give a fuck,” the ever-classy shouts of “show your tits,” what seems to be her actual breasts out in the open, and of course, various unidentifiable flying objects coming her way. Oh, and a dancing idiot who is apparently Tom Green. Yep.

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTkM_qjKQ7A&feature=player_embedded 425x344]

[edit: The other video didn't post, but you can totally watch it here.]


The stories all go on to say that she had to be heavily escorted back to her trailer because who knows how many people followed her back, still throwing crap. They surrounded the trailer, shaking it and yelling, I assume. She says that even the bodyguards were terrified and had to flip a table to cover the broken windows and fight people off with chairs.

Now, I don’t know how true some of this is, or if it is exaggeration. Apparently she’s been known to exaggerate things before. But if you look at the pictures TMZ has and watch those videos (and the various others all over the internet), it’s kind of hard to imagine that with so many people there she could make up a ton of lies and beat herself up, hmm?

I don’t like reality shows (with the exception of a few) and I really don’t like Tila Tequila. I mean, to be honest, I kind of forgot the girl existed until now. Apparently she even Tweeted that her lawyer was taking care of everything and that “this is disgusting behavior from men.” … I mean, isn’t that her audience? Not the Juggalos, but didn’t she essentially turn herself into prime mainstream jerk off material? (According to some web commenters…) Isn’t that how she marketed herself? Didn’t she start out on MySpace?

The people of the internet can argue all they want. I don’t care who it is; this is a pile of crap. She has made her own choices and regardless of those choices, no one should have to feel that her or his life is being legitimately threatened. I’m seeing comments all over the place in which people are basically saying that she got what she deserved showing up there, or even just in general, based on her actions. Regardless of whether it was a smart decision for her to perform at this event (which we clearly know now that it wasn‘t), regardless of what she said or did on that stage, it is still up to the people in the audience to practice some restraint and self-control and hold off on the violence. And that’s my two cents.

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[image: TMZ; info: TMZ (one & two), Us Magazine, The Frisky]

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