The Colour of Beauty is a short documentary that follows aspiring model, Renee Thompson, as she attempts to take on New York City's fashion industry.  The video uncovers that the fashion industry still lacks true diversity.  Designers and casting agents still believe that black women won't sell magazines, products or clothing.



From casting calls where black models are told not to even bother to the horrendous scrutinization of their slightly wider hips or noses, this film exposes the underbelly of the discouraging industry that we buy into every single day. Literally.


Though this film is extremely infuriating, Renee's drive can be seen as inspiring.  

"Quitting, just to me, seems like you’re, you know, you’re giving into that racist façade, or that you’re giving into saying that’s okay that you think that. It’s not okay, it’s not okay that you think that I’m different or lesser than, it’s not, so I’m gonna stay right here and be a sore in your eye until you recognize what I’m good for." -Renee Thompson, The Colour of Beauty

photo credits: Dallas Photography;