Christina Hendricks: Role Model (duh.)

Just in time for last night’s season premiere of Mad Men (which I haven’t watched yet, so don’t tell me anything!), Christina Hendricks, the lovely Joan Holloway (whatever, she will always be Holloway to me, married to a turd or not), is being hailed as a fantastic role model for women and girls by Britain’s Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone. She is “absolutely fabulous,” so it goes. Of course I cannot help but agree.

This statement is not entirely random; Ms. Featherstone has been on a campaign to raise the confidence of young women by pressuring the fashion industry to use less unhealthy-looking skinny-minnies and more properly proportioned women. To boot, in the fall there will be discussions about the effects of Photoshopping on girls’ psyches and self esteem. Her current attempts are to place a Kitemark or warning on all radically airbrushed and edited images so that young people officially know what is real and what is not.

“I am very keen that children and young women should be informed about airbrushing, so they don't fall victim to looking at an image and thinking that anyone can have a 12in waist. It is so not possible,” she says. Ms. Featherstone also makes it a point that these effects are long-lasting and are not just on women and girls. “The pressure is on for everyone to look perfect.”


Naturally, I think that these are fantastic sentiments, however I do have to say that it is always sad to see that the crazies in the fashion and beauty industry don’t seem to realize what a normal person looks like. And should look like if they want to live and stay healthy. We shouldn’t have to tell them. But such is life today.

[image: christinahendricksgallery.com, info: The Guardian]

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