Forbes Magazine has just released its annual list of “The 100 Most Powerful Celebrities” and it appears the past year was particularly good for Hollywood’s most talented and versatile ladies. 

Raking in a ridiculous $315 million from her media empire, the one and only Oprah Winfrey kicked Angelina Jolie out of the No. 1 spot to reclaim her throne.   


She’s followed by Beyonce at No. 2 who earned $87 million largely due to her endorsement deals with like a hundred different companies and ability to poop out infectious pop songs every other month.  

Though, this time next year, I suspect she’ll be bumped down by Lady Gaga who made her debut on the list this year at No. 4. Oprah may even need to watch out.  

But don’t go thinking they’ve been able to phase out Britney Spears. Thanks to her tour being the fifth highest-grossing in the world, she placed at No. 6 which sadly, is three notches above Madonna.     

The only actress to make the top 10 is new mom and divorcé, Sandra Bullock whose Oscar win propelled her from No. 92 to No. 8 (oddly enough, Meryl Streep is wayyy down the list). 

 Yet unfortunately, men continue to prove to have the upper hand when it comes to acquiring fame and fortune--even huge scumbags. 

Not only did Tiger Woods not budge from his No. 5 position, but the notorious Charlie Sheen somehow managed to make $30 million last year, landing him at No. 63 (side note: Two and a Half Men is an awful show and if he’s nominated for another Emmy, I’m going freak the hell out). 

Meanwhile, President Obama dropped off the list completely. 

But here’s the rankings of some other awesome rich and famous ladies...



Ellen DeGeneres (#23)

Pink (#27)

Serena Williams (#61) / Venus Williams (#83)

Judge Judy (#72)

Julia Roberts (#77)

Drew Barrymore (#87)

Tina Fey (#90)

Danica Patrick (#96)

Chelsea Handler (#98)

Mariska Hargitay (#100)

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