When it comes to hip, young fashion retailers, Urban Outfitters is like a rebellious teenager- lots of angst and ire but never quite hitting the mark. While other clothing companies might regale us with fantastically ugly, overpriced merchandise, UO really likes to "stir the pot" with slogan tees and kitschy apartment knick-knacks rife with sexual innuendo. Not too long ago, UO offered a shirt that listed "Obama/Black" as a color option, and these shirts were quickly pulled off the shelves. The most recent scandal is a women's shirt with the words "Eat Less" emblazoned across the chest. It is followed with this product description:

New Fall Issue d217c

"Eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck."

Um, what? Much like the "Obama/Black" debacle from before, the message and meaning to this product is muddled. Is it promoting eating disorders? Is it a comment on obesity in America? The only clear attribute that stands out is that it is only offered as a woman's shirt and not intended for men. To me, this indicates that the makers of this shirt were aware of the negative and implied message that this shirt would have carried if worn by men. And given the context that UO is a company geared towards younger, and therefore more impressionable, women, and that their clothing campaigns haven't attempted to use plus-sized models in their advertising, I don't think this shirt bodes too well for anyone.

And don't worry, guys! You can show your girlfriend who gets to make the weird, convoluted statements in the relationship with your own ironic tee from UO:

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