New Jersey is a never ending stream of whadafug? Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture (seriously??) and  The Sopranos. Even Charles in Charge was from New Jersey.


Apparently the drones at the New Jersey Department of Mota-Veacles are so busy catching the hijinks of their TV neighbors they're slacking on the job. NJDMV approved Kim Romano's BIOCH vanity license plate --four years later someone realized that when you group letters together, they make, um...words. An NJDMV spokesperson told Eyewitness News, "language is ever changing and evolving, especially in pop-culture. While a word may mean nothing today, it could have some sort of negative connotation years later."

You say Bioch like it's a bad thing, but being a Peniis is not?


A bioch by any other name is, well, whatever, whaever. I wonder if PrsT2tionWhore  has been taken? Danielle?

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