A happy ending after all: Constance McMillen, the high school senior whose high school canceled the prom after she requested that she be able to wear a tux and bring her girlfriend, got to go to prom this past Friday. The makeshift prom had been organized by community members and parents of the students in the school and, because it was affiliated with the school (and the courts had ruled that their "rule" of no same-sex couples was discrimination), Constance and her girlfriend were invited, and went.



Update: A few hours after I posted this, the Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom! page was updated with the following: "On Friday night, Constance and her date went to the prom the school had said would be held for all IAHS juniors and seniors, only to find an event that was very sparsely attended, as detailed in this blogger's account. Constance tried to make the best of it and had a nice evening with the other students from her school who attended, but is of course disappointed that so few of her classmates were there." They linked to this blog [http://nmisscommentor.com/2010/04/04/what-happened-at-constance-mcmillans-prom/] which they say has an accurate account of what happened: that the prom was a sham, attended by only a few students. I'll be keeping an eye on any developments throughout the day.



[Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom!]


Image of Constance McMillen courtesy Associated Press via Yahoo.com.

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