While there's nothing at all wrong in my mind with the idea of being a parent, sometimes I become frightened at the idea of turning into a Mommy.  You know, the type of person that can't seem to talk about anything else BUT the minutiae of her own kids to anyone foolish enough to place themselves within earshot.  There's a subtle whiff of that old Victorian The Angel in the House nonsense in the hyper-selfless bleating that seems to constantly come from those who partake in the Cult of Mommy


One of the awesome things about being a fully-realized feminist is looking forward to (maybe) being a parent, and to doing my best at it without giving up on myself, my needs and MY LIFE.  Because how can I bring anything of value to raising my kid(s) if I can't present to them the honest image of an adult woman who exists not just to serve them?  Not much, methinks. 

Which is why I get such a kick out STFU, Parents.  It's a blog that's fueled by submissions from other folks who find the insanity of the Mommy mantle to be annoying, stereotypical and hilarious.  Its editor also discusses such cultural occurrences as the vile use of the word mommy-ing (it's a verb now?) or, as evidenced by the screen shot above, the trend on Facebook status updates towards MommyJacking.  Click on over to check out the many hilarious ways that being smug over a basic bodily function manifests itself- you'll be glad you did. 

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