Last Wednesday, Spain passed a new law that lifted restrictions on abortions, including allowing 16 and 17 year olds to attain abortions without parental consent. According to an article by the Associated Press on “Under the previous law, which dates back to 1985, Spanish women could in theory go to jail for getting an abortion outside certain strict limits — up to week 12 in case of rape and week 22 if the fetus is malformed.”

It’s not perfect, though: the law was amended “so that minors must inform their parents or legal guardian if they plan to undergo an abortion, but do not need their permission. They are, however, exempt from this requisite if they can show that fulfilling it would expose them to violence within their family, threats or coercion.”


This sounds like a possible paperwork nightmare for a young girl in need, but it seems to be a much-needed improvement to the law. Good job, Spain!




Image of Spanish flag courtesy the CIA World Fact Book