This whole time, women haven’t been allowed to work on U.S. submarines.

But finally, the Pentagon is moving to end a ban that prohibits women from serving on these U.S. Navy underwater vessels, several media outlets are reporting. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates wrote a letter to Congress Friday requesting that it be reversed, and it looks like it’s happening.


Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is a longtime supporter of the lift, telling the Daily Press back in September, “Women ought to have full career choices for a range of careers in the Navy and that includes serving on submarines.”


The ban policy has been around for decades even though women have been serving on Navy ships since 1993. The reason? Apparently the “close quarters” would make it hard for men and women to work together.

Fellas, we’re infiltrating your boy’s club.

Vintage photo of women who served in the U.S. navy forces during World War II courtesy of


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