Awesome news today: Secret (the deodorant company) has launched a Facebook-based campaign devoted to getting women ski jumpers in the 2014 Olympics. Last week, we reported about the nonsensical policy to not let women ski jump in the Olympics (WTF: Women Can't Ski Jump in the Olympics), so we're pretty excited to see the whole situation garnering more press. While I personally tend to be wary of social-activism campaigns backed by corporations, I’ll give them props for getting the word out there more. Check out their video below (which I’m hoping will air in prime time at some point during the Olympics.)

 [video: 425x344]


To sign Secret's petition and encourage your friends to do so too, go to


And because I thought this was too funny not to post:


I’m choosing to believe this picture of Stephen Colbert reading Cat Fancy at the Vancouver Games is his form of protest against them not letting female ski jumpers in the Olympics.


Photo of Lindsey Van via her blog at

Photo of Stephen Colbert courtesy NBC Olympics via Jezebel

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