20090512_095422_SX12-PROmtunes_400.jpgDo we have a prom theme going today?

A group of high school students in Arcadia, CA, got misogynistic songs banned from their prom. They aren't eliminating all the current pop hits, nor are they lobbying for Jonas Brothers or other G-rated music groups, but are banning songs that refer women as 'ho's' or 'bitches'.

Madeline Conrique and members of the Women's Health and Issues Club were able to get a petition signed at the school garnering 130 signatures and working with the school administrators are able to successfully exclude songs from being played that 'refer to women as objects or animals'.


They created a list of 20 songs that will not be played at their prom for the disc jockey to avoid playing entirely. This means no 'Lil Wayne, but plenty of Beyonce. Lani Luo of the group said 'We are not trying to push for abstinence, we are just trying to advocate for respect.'

Now, I'm not a fan of censorship, but I think this is pretty cool. First of all, it came from within. It wasn't the administration that influenced this policy; it was the school's Women's Health and Issues Club. It's not banning songs for being sexual, it's removing sexism and potentially teaching students about respect. We couldn't agree more with these girls. Are current lyrics as offensive to you? Were songs played at your prom as offensive? -Liza

(photo and quotes via www.pasadenastarnews.com)

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