nobelApparently we're on some sort of reality TV bent here at BUST, because here's one more.

An Oxygen TV poll reported that more women age 18 to 34 would rather win America's Next Top Model than a Nobel Prize.

I think that, to get through this, I'm going to convince myself that this is the result of shoddy polling methods and a not-so-random sampling of women instead of a true measure of where the world is heading.

The same poll says that 75% of women would shave their head to save someon's life - which means that 25% wouldn't.

I guess we can file this away with other polls that have reported women would rather be stupid than gain weight or other such nonsense.

If the issue is wealth and success, I'd like to point out that the Nobel Prize comes with about a million dollars. Winning ANTM doesn't guarantee a thing, success-wise.

Maybe this is some sort of conspiracy to convince us that we're all vapid, soulless and vain so that we don't get together and exchange our dangerous, feminist-y ideas. If we're all busy trying to be thin and pretty, we won't have any energy left to get all mouthy and uppity.



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