Did you think the scandal surrounding the Depp v. Heard trial this Spring was a thing of the past? Think again: on Twitter, the results of the trial have just unfurled into a full-fledged debate about feminism. It began with this tweet from @womensmarch, setting off a landslide of angry opposition. 

The response was cacophonous, with a striking number of women expressing stark sentiments both in favor of and against online demands to #ShutDownWomensMarch. While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have served as respective figureheads for years in debates over domestic abuse (with people tweeting in support or opposition to one or the other), the crux of this Twitter surge is a debate about the direction of feminism itself. 

As is often the case in discussions of hot-button topics on social media, the #ShutDownWomensMarch Twitter discourse quickly devolved into rage and insults, with women angrily calling each other out and scrappily defending their own sides. 


Personally, I’m saddened to see discussions of feminism turning into arguments between women. In the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, at a time when women could be uniting to defend our rights, our bodies, and our livelihoods, we are stuck arguing over the lives of celebrities we don’t actually know. Rather than fueling our anger towards each other, what if we actually talked to one another with respect? What if, instead of picking apart a tweet, we rallied around what we have in common? Is conversation and community too much to ask from us? I don’t think so.

Top Image: bones64

Grace is a senior at Kenyon College. Currently living in Vancouver WA, Grace enjoys road trips, podcasts, crossword puzzles, and spending time in nature.